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About Dynamec Research AB

The company was founded in 1985 by Dr Åke Persson. The focus of the company has been vulnerability and lethality studies as well as hydrocode simulations. For more than 20 years Dynamec was the representative of the Autodyn®* hydrocode in Sweden. Dynamec has also been involved in the development of the Swedish vulnerability and lethality assessment code AVAL**.

Jump to 2010

June 1 2010 marked a new chapter in the history of Dynamec Research AB. This date the company was bought by four colleagues from Saab AB. The new CEO was Jonas Persson. With these new owners the product portfolio was expanded to also include studies, development and manufacturing of ballistic protection.


During fall of 2011, the owners decided to part way and continue in different, independent companies. Dynamec Research AB was bought to 100 % by Jonas Persson with the intent to continue working with hydrocode simulations and vulnerability/lethality analyses.

The buyout was finalised on December 9, 2011 and that's where the company is today.


* Autodyn® is now a part of ANSYS.

**AVAL is owned by FOI.