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Some news about the company and recent activities.

Top Stories  

  • Project BaToLUS is finished

    December 4 2015

    Dynamec Research havs been a part of the EDA (European Defence Agency) project BaToLUS since the project start. The project is now finished and EDA has published some information regarding the outcome.

    The EDA news can be found here.

  • A new website

    January 16 2012

    We launch the new website with updated graphics and some new features.

  • Operational changes

    December 9 2011.

    We have decided to change the way the company operates and split operations in two separate companies. Dynamec Research AB will focus on simulations and analysis while development and manufacturing will be handled by Dynamec Engineering AB. At the same time, Jonas Persson is buying all shares of Dynamec Research AB to be the sole owner of the company.

    Fon more information, cóntact us at info@dynamec.se.